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Leecher is Symphonic / Cello Metal band from Hungary with music based on female vocals and cellos instead of guitars, accompanied by drums and orchestra.

Originally formed in 2008, we started like many other bands: playing covers of our favourite songs. After a while, however, original songs were born that demanded their place on the setlist, eventually leading to shows comprised solely of original creations, with covers becoming an occasional addition.

After many years of operating, the band took a turn and became a serious project around 2012-13, with playing in Italy (2013) and winning HammerWorld Hungary's contest as highlights; the latter gave the band the opportunity of recording our first studio album.

Since then, they have been doing shows and working on new songs, as well as translating their lyrics to Hungarian for their home audience. Some of these songs, with an acoustic arrangement, is set to be released in the very near future, while songwriting continues for the second album.


A Leecher egy szimfonikus/cselló metált játszó magyar zenekar. A zenénk női énekhangra és a gitárok helyett használt csellókra építkezik, amiket a dob és a nagyzenekar tesz teljessé.

Eredetileg 2008-ban alakultunk és sok más zenekarhoz hasonlóan kezdtük: a kedvenc dalaink feldolgozásait játszottuk. Idővel viszont saját dalok születtek, amik egyre több helyet követeltek maguknak a műsorban, míg végül már csak ezek maradtak, a feldolgozások pedig színesítésként kerülnek csak elő.

A zenekar sok évnyi működés után 2012-13 idején kezdte igazán komolyan venni magát, ezután történt az olasz fellépésünk (2013) és a HammerWorld/Rockmaraton tehetségkutatóján aratott (megosztott) első helyezés, amelynek eredményeképpen felvehettük első nagylemezünket a szolnoki Denevér Hangstúdióban.

A lemez megjelenése óta koncerteket adunk, illetve lefordítottuk a hazai közönség számára magyarra a dalinkat. Ezekből készült egy válogatás, amely akusztikus hangszerelésben hamarosan meg fog jelenni. A következő lemez dalai készülnek!

Discography & Lyrics / Lemezek & Szövegek

Sightless (2016)

    • 01. Prologue
    • “I will make you destroy everything you love and everyone who loves you.

      Just watch the fire in your heart consuming all your life... for a moment, with me you will be able to touch the stars themselves.

      You will tell the world you are the happiest person ever to have walked the earth.”

    • 02. Damnation
    • You're simply the one that I would follow even if you aren't right

      You're simply the one who makes me swallow every lesion of this life

      Oh, my darling, don't you see?

      One little glance of your eyes can easily set me on fire or free

      I can't find the word for that oh, what you've done to me

      Stay away from me forever, and stay so close

      How many thorns could you take to smell one rose?

      I can see your face dancing with passion

      It's a reflection of your easy life

      I can see your face dancing with passion

      See, what's my reaction to the stab of a knife

      You're simply the one that I would follow even if you go to fire

      You're simply the one who makes my smile even if you are a liar

      Oh my darling, don't you see?

      "My smile made you alive, but it wasn't me who made you leave everything behind. You have chosen to live in the prison of our love. Up in the skies, your heart will see what is dark for your eyes. You will fall down unto the earth, in the ashes of the love you lived for. And with your last breath, you will wish to share your next dance with death."

      You just came up like a hurricane, just the same

      You just wanted to go, didn't care, left me there

      Sun won't shine, wind won't blow

      Until that day, you would know that

      This life is a song that soon ends

      Only one thing you can do is dance

      Dance with passion, no matter, what's the music

      I will watch you, you should do it, do it!

    • 03. Eclipse
    • A passing landscape

      Black clouds flying

      My nails scraping my skin

      A child is playing

      A little flower's crying

      I avert my eyes

      The world tears me into hundred parts

      I stay on my way!

      We're running from our fate and blood

      We're fleeing from friends and love

      The way is wonderful, but where's the end

      When will we stop?

      We're chasing the pleasures of flesh

      We're searching for delights of night

      We push the time before us

      So it will be over so fast…

      I look at your face

      But I can't see it

      I step across everybody

      I hunt for someone

      But no one is good enough

      No, I'd rather not avert my eyes

    • 04. Fading
    • Reliving the fights we had these years

      All we have destroyed, it brings me to tears

      Becoming beasts of dread and pain

      Today is the day we can all remain


      Looking for a way

      Don't know how to say

      'Cause you're ignoring me

      But it must be over

      It's a little late for everyone

      But it must be over

      Live far from me, but live in peace

      Don't think of me like I'm one of your friends

      I'm not one of your enemies

      Bleeding wounds left by words

      Building our thrones on bones

      Always striving till the edge of death

      To make our towers taller

      But I am ready to take a step

      Towards you and start it over with you

      Friend, I know that facing troubles is

      Better than escape from them

      'cause roads will somewhere cross each other

      And I know that you could show your revenge

      But do you think this fight is worth going to the edge?

      Make the Earth start quaking, and the bridges start breaking,

      The whole world shaking, and you don't have a reason

    • 05. Slaves to a Dream
    • Noble war fought for the good of countless ravaged souls

      We want more, misunderstood we'll fight on for the cause

      We're living for a dream, we have a world to build

      Always forward, never retreat

      We shall thrive, grow every day

      And sacrifice for a better future

      If we have to we'll die for it

      Our new dawn

      Tell me how it feels to see the madness of your masters

      Show me what it's like to take a walk on aching blisters

      Some creatures will have to die to serve a greater good

      No failures, utopia shall be built upon the ruins

      We are here to save you, show you the way and

      We don't care if you don't want it

      We'll make you feel it, we'll make you love it

      Force in numbers, order in minds

      If we have to we'll kill for it

      Our new dawn

      Tell me what it feels to be a seer among the madmen

      Tell me what it's like to be awoken from their nightmare

      They let you fly away, 'cause no one understands your words

      They all fell prey to their dreams

      Think about, speak about, darling

      What you see, what you hear, darling

      Make them fall by working from the dark

      Break away, fly away, darling

      Don't you see, can't you see, darling

      These mad believers are

      Slaves to their dreams

      Why is it, why is it, darling

      All the time, all the time, darling

      All our lives are ruined by

      Games of those above

      They all fell prey to their dreams

      Of death

    • 06. No More
    • Another day to survive, another night in the hive

      Your home became a battlefield

      Another insult you get, pretending that you were deaf

      Is your only shield

      He watches all the day, you cannot hide away,

      Feels like you were lost in a maze

      Every breath you take, every plan you make

      Just sets him into flames

      You need to leave this place to stay alive

      When will you notice it's a pointless strife?

      Open up your eyes, my friend, you're here just to take the blame

      And it's always just the same

      You say that wasn't a slap

      He did not really mean that

      Only you were playin' around

      Quick-tempered and a little sudden but admirable

      And marriage heals each wound

      Wounds and wounds everywhere on your skin, would be a sin

      To leave your true love now,

      'Cause nothing lasts forever

      But he will love you, that's sure

      And your newborn, too!

      You need to leave this place to keep you sane

      It's not a fairytale, it's more of a chain

      Open up your eyes, my friend, be strong and shut the door

      But not your mouth, no more!

    • 07. Encore
    • An endless march

      You just sweat from the heat

      Your eyes scan the land

      Dust and dirt scratch you and stream inward you

      From your skin to the core of your childlike soul

      All you see

      All you spilled

      Remember every face you killed

      For the sins

      Hear the screams

      Nothing can heal the pain you feel

      Gather your might

      And carve a bloody path

      Trail the ghosts through your life

      Just helped to build a throne

      Of flesh and blood you've killed

      For the king who stays to the world unseen

      All you see

      All you spilled

      Remember every face you killed

      For the sins

      Hear the screams

      Nothing can heal the pain you feel

      You survive

      Stay alive

      You must learn that wars will never end

      Open scars

      Crimson marks

      You'll never clean your hands from crimes

      Salary for carrying a nightmare

      Stand in the rain, trying to wash your filth

    • 08. Lights Out
    • I hope you don't mind that I could never see

      The center of all is you and never me

      Once I loved you, but then, finally

      There's nothing in me but cold irony, because

      Oh man, your life is full of adventures

      As you search for new places to go

      It's not an escape because in the end

      You'll stay alone

      Loner, you loner

      Over and over!

      And nowhere to go

      I'm watching you laughing

      But inside I'm laughing at you

      I don't really mind that you could never see

      The chances in us, or in me

      ...But inside I'm crying for you

      I see your loneliness behind your big brave acts

      Behind your charming smile

      Behind your shiny eyes I see you're cold as ice

      You're everything you revile

      I wanted you to lead me and take me somewhere

      I didn't want to live in this dusk one more day

      Enlightenment came but it's not the one

      That I want to see

    • 09. The Devil in the Details
    • Imagination makes creations just like you

      This is the reason why sadly nothing's real you do

      Don't you realize I just adonize only one man on Earth?

      Yes, I could stay with you but thank you, it simply was not worth

      When you said you only loved me, my dear

      (you make them bleed to death)

      I answered you that I was feeling the same

      (they'll curse you with their final breath)

      I only love myself you fool

      It took you some time to see

      The scent of fear and pain you're feeling helps me through

      The flames of hatred burn, I cannot change my view

      But I have a plan, until you are dead, I'll be your disaster

      But sorry, I can't live with this medicine, I'm proud to be a monster

      Hush, my little one, I don't wanna hear you

      I've got a lot of things to leave behind and renew

      “I thought you'd save me, but you couldn't save yourself

      You brought me down into your hell

      I was your lie to comfort you, to believe

      That you still had a heart

      Your dreams betray you

      I know you still cry”

      Suffer little one

    • 10. The Dreamer
    • Engulfed in a veil of madness, inside a room of fears

      Walls built from things said long ago, remembered for years

      Sometimes I cried through the dark, helpless and enslaved

      Becoming more insane, I longed for the one

      To help me out, to hand me the light

      Cleanse me of this blight and let me fly

      On the wings of time

      Free of this night and the world would be ours

      Then, at the end of sanity, a hand reached in for me

      Pulling me out of fever, showing me the sunrise

      And I see the face of the world, walking on the earth

      Those prison walls now burn, my friend, and you were the one

      You made me open up my eyes and let me out

      You saved my mind when we stopped this fight and let me fly

      Never dreamed that I could ever free my mind from stone and ice

      And walk with you on this new path of our life

      "Cowardly being, still our plaything

      How far you get, and you still don't forget

      You break the chains, but your soul is still kept,

      As my child I'll cry for help

      Just watch me!"

    • 11. Pendulum
    • So now you know it all

      Walk away and speak no more

      Stop seeking my mercy inside

      'cause my thoughts are only mine,

      At the end of all,

      This love wasn't meant for more

      It's time to end this war

      Return now, the gates are closed

      No passion to infuse this soul

      Just obsession, chains of fools

      A plaything of sadness and joy

      No escape for me, now I know

      I sing my song and dance in fear

      Alone with shadows holding me

      Made of devilish fantasies

      Imprisoned, yet I'm feeling free

      I don't know how to get out, so I will stay inside

      Just being the great queen of madness

      Forever from tonight

    • 12. Payback
    • It was a time when everything went right

      And gifts for free were falling from the sky

      I would never take that, someone could make it go wrong

      You tried to show your might

      But you know there is no way outside

      Years before you have paid for this ride

      It is time to pay back all what you lent me someday

      Come to me!

      It was a time when everything went wrong

      My only want was to sing a simple song

      But you didn't say

      That songs are not free

      Yeah, they are not free

      Malice is not free

      Now you have a song to remember

      Was it worth to see me bleed?

      The world's eyes seeing what you are

      Exposed lie your spiteful deeds

      Days pass by, I just watch... the sky gets grey

      Wrinkles get deep and leaves get green to brown

      Years go by, but in my eye you'll always be

      The guy who tried to break me down

    • 13. All the Stars
    • "How far would you go to win and to achieve your purpose?

      Some would give up everything to be part of this circus

      Some will never realize that this is not worth that prize

      The fact that being a star consumes all the stars"

      It's not hard, make a plan!

      Just go out and take a man

      Raise him quickly to the point

      They think that he's a god

      They come and they applaud

      All you have to do is to disappoint

      Show them what he is

      A human, and he lives

      Just the way they all do it

      They buy a ticket to the first row

      To see the show "Fall of the God and a Hero"

      This is what they need

      Look at all those stars

      Falling back to start

      Dragged down into the dark

      All they ask is why

      They've been told a lie

      It's time for their goodbye

      It's not wrong to drown a man

      It's only for the fan

      For them everything can be done

      Somehow they believe

      They reach a higher state

      Making, forcing the others sink down

      Content, so they are! They love a falling star

      Sadly you came to see this show

      Well, here comes the fall of your god and your hero

      And this is what you need

      Look at all those stars

      Falling back to start

      Dragged down into the dark

      All they ask is why

      They've been told a lie

      It's time for their goodbye

      They will fall

      Below us all

      Where they've always belonged

      Victims of the fifteen minute lie

      They say that the end justifies the means

      Some would gladly say that this is not a sin

      Which is the right way? You have to choose

      But every time you win, you lose

      If you want to be a star, then look at all the stars

Kezünkben a láng (2018)

    • 01. Bosszú
    • Légy üdvözölve, újra eljöttünk

      Eltelt sok év, de el nem feledtünk

      S ahogy most ránk nézel,

      Te már nem emlékszel...

      Szemed oly gyanútlan

      Kutass fel a múltban!

      Sebet vágtál, s messze dobtad rozsdás késed

      Menekültél gyáván, mig sok lélek vérzett

      De a heg ma is ég, többé nem felejtjük el

      Várunk rád

      Vártunk rád

      Várunk rád

      Vártunk rád

      Várunk rád

      Most visszaadnánk minden tartozást

      Egy pillanatnyi szívbemarkolást

      Szörnyet szent alakban, rémálmokat palackban

      Szemedbe jégvirágot, bőröd alá szilánkot

      Sebet vágtál, s messze dobtad rozsdás késed

      Menekültél gyáván, mig sok lélek vérzett

      De a heg ma is ég, többé nem felejtjük el

      Várunk rád

      (Eljövünk, amikor alszol éjjel

      Ajtókat törünk rád

      Jól tudja a múlt, hogy ki vagy

      S többé meg nem bocsát)


      Világunk felfordult

      Az arcunk eltorzult

      A Föld megállt

      Aztán eltompult

      A szúrt seb meggyógyult

      A télből átfordult…

      De várunk rád!

      02. Nézd meg jól
    • Egy újabb pokoli nap,

      Okolhatod magadat, hiszen

      Semmire nem vagy jó

      Egy újabb pokoli éj,

      Ahhoz sincs jogod, hogy félj,

      Te bajhozó!

      Azzal is bántod őt, ahogyan levegőt veszel és még a jelenléted is fáj,

      Jogos a büntetés

      Ez csak apró ütés

      Még így is jól jártál...

      Nyisd ki a szemedet, itt nem vár más!

      A csoda, amiben hittél, nem csodás.

      Meddig hiteget a sok hazugság és kifogás?

      Itt már nem lesz változás!

      Ha újra rossz napja volt,

      Hát rajtad marad a folt.

      Majd úgyis elfelded.

      Akárki kérdezi,

      Mondd, hogy így jó neki

      És jó neked.

      Esküvő, szép a jövő, ami változást hoz, majd mindent rendbetesz

      S ha ez is kudarcba fúlt

      Az, aki mindent megold,

      A szíved alatt lesz

      Nyisd ki a szemedet, itt nem vár más!

      A csoda, amiben hittél, nem csodás.

      Meddig hiteget a sok hazugság és kifogás?

      Itt már nem lesz változás!

      Nyisd ki a szemedet és nézd meg jól!

      A mese, amiben élsz, csak róla szól!

      Meddig halogatod azt, hogy innen továbblépj?

      Kell, hogy nagyon bátor légy!

      03. Kezünkben a láng
    • Ez a küzdelem meddig tarthat még?

      Mondd, barátból hogy lett ellenség?

      Mondd, hogy lett szörny a szentekből?

      Mondd, miért ne kezdenénk elölről


      Kezünkben a láng, s lángol a világ,

      Csak a mi hibánk az,

      Hogy nincs még vége.

      Hova visz az út? Ez rossz irány!

      Állj meg végre!

      Élj távol, de békében élj!

      Ne rejtsen haragot a szív,

      Hisz többre már nincs esély!

      Hideg szavak,

      Sötét sebek,

      Saját várat épíítettünk.

      Gyere, szavazz,

      Kié a szebb?

      Nem is számít más, csak nyerjünk.

      De már elég!

      Megyek feléd

      Rombolni oda, hol a várunk épül.

      Felelj nekem,

      Melyik legyen?

      S akár jól, vagy rosszul döntessz,

      Mind megtérül

      Egyszer végül.

      Kezünkben a láng, s lángol a világ,

      Csak a mi hibánk az,

      Hogy nincs még vége.

      Hova visz az út? Ez rossz irány!

      Állj meg végre!

      És én tudom, hogy ez rosszul esik,

      De mondd, miért kell a harc a végletekig?

      Hogy lásd, hogy égnek az utak,

      Hullanak a nyilak,

      Leomlanak a falak

      És mi táncolunk a tűzben.

      04. Csillagtemető
    • Pénz kell vagy hatalom?

      könnyű, mutatom:

      egy senkit kell csak összeszedned

      A módszer tipikus:

      istent, mitikust

      mutass, s végül rántsd le lepledet

      Lássák, ki is ő:

      ember, esendő,

      álmok s vágyak gyenge bábja

      Gyerek, istenek!

      Elhull, csak nektek!

      Nézzed te is az első sorból!

      (Látjuk, élvezed...)


      csak egy kis idő,

      és más lesz már új hős

      A híred odavész,

      csak emlékekből élsz,

      te elcserélhető!

      Nem baj, ha belehal,

      a néző mit akar?

      Azt mérd, azt kérdjed, csak azt nézzed.

      A drámát szeretik,

      ha véres, azt megveszik,

      megfőztük, meg is rágtuk az egészet!

      Tudjuk, ezt akarod:

      hulló csillagok...

      Nézzed te is az első sorból!

      Lásd hát, ki ő:

      esendő, s te nála jobb vagy!

      (Tudjuk, élvezed...)


      csak egy kis idő,

      és más lesz már új hős

      A híred odavész,

      csak emlékekből élsz,

      te nélkülözhető!

      Ahonnan jössz, oda visszatérsz:

      megint a névtelenségbe...

      tizenöt percnyi hírnév, s nincs tovább.

      Azt mondják, a cél minden vért megér,

      \"nincs itt semmi rossz, ez több, mint te vagy én\"

      Merre hát tovább? Csakis rajtad áll,

      de minden döntésen ott az ár.

      05. Kárhozó
    • Te vagy az egy a világon, akit keresek, akárhol élsz

      Te, akit érteni akarok, de csak vakon tapogat a kéz

      Éjben járó, prédára váró, elszálló

      Ördögi lény vagy te is, aki angyali hangon énekel

      Nem hittem volna, hogy ez engem ennyire érdekel

      Maradj távol tőlem mindig, mégis gyere közel

      Olajos kézzel játszom még a tűzzel!

      Szikrákat gyújtó, sokat ígérő

      Hamar elégő tűzmadár

      Sohase hívó, de sose eresztő

      És nem is ijesztő, hogy sodor az ár

      Te vagy az egy a világon, aki hazudik és elhiteti

      Te, aki sír, hogy sírjak neki, de a könnyeimet kineveti

      Álmot gyártó, elrontó, ártó, kárhozó

      Szikrákat gyújtó, sokat ígérő

      Hamar elégő tűzmadár

      Sohase hívó, de sose eresztő

      És nem is ijesztő, hogy sodor az ár

      Mikor eljön, hirtelen itt terem

      Ha hívja az út, rád kacsint, s nincs többet itt

      S azt hinnéd, nincs már cél,

      de tán egy nap megérted még:

      Neki a világ csak egy táncterem

      Annyit tehetsz: hagyd, hogy elvigyen

      Körülölel, egy dal most téged illet

      S gyorsan vége, adj bele mindent mindent

Members / Tagok


Anett is the voice of Leecher.

She also writes almost all of the vocal parts in the songs, as well as a large part of the lyrics. She also uses her diplomacy skills to handle most of the external communication.

Anett a Leecher hangja. Ezen kívül ő írja az éneket és a szövegek jelentős részét. Diplomáciai készségét a zenekar külső kommunikációjának kezelésében hasznosítja.


Ági contributes to the band's sound with her elegant and deadly 5-string cello. Also her hypnotic voice is difficult to resist while on the phone.

Ági elegáns és halálos öthúros csellójával járul hozzá a Leecher hangzásához. Ezen kívül ellenállhatatlan a hangja a telefonban.


Kutor's weapon of choice is the fearsome black cello, sometimes armed with double bass strings, sometimes filling the rhythm cello's role.

He is also responsible for most of the visuals you see, as well as some songwriting and much of the lyrics.

Kutor fegyvere a félelmetes fekete cselló, néha bőgőhúrokkal felszerelve, néha pedig a ritmuscselló szerepében. Ezen kívül a legtöbb dolog, amit LÁTSZ a zenekarral kapcsolatban, az ő keze alól került ki, csakúgy, mint néhány dal és sok dalszöveg.


Dave likes to hit things. He loves it very much. That's one of the reasons he became a drummer.

He gives life to the copy-paste style drum parts the songwriters pour over half-finished songs and also helps the band by holding the key to the fabled Treasury.

Dave nagyon szeret dolgokat ütni. Ezért (is) lett dobos. Ő tölti meg élettel a copy-paste dobszólamokat, amit a többiek a dalokra dobálnak, amikor írják azokat. Ezen felül a legendás Kincstár kulcsát is ő őrzi.


Baru is the newest addition to Leecher's ranks, taking over the heavy riffs as well as supporting the solos when needed.

Barabás a Leecher legújabb tagja, aki éppúgy felelős a riffekért, mint a szólók támogatásáért.


Abel is highly unlikely to be seen on stage, since he is living in the US. Still, he contributes to the band by writing most of the songs you hear, as well as doing the orchestral arrangements and various stuff. He also plays on the albums.

Ábelt valószínűleg nem fogod a színpadon látni, mivel az USA-ban él. Ő írja viszont a legtöbb dalt és ezek nagyzenekari hangszerelését, valamint a lemezen is játszik.


Matyi (Hungarian nickname for Matthias) is not part of Leecher's live line-up anymore, but he played on the album and is featured in its visual promotion materials. He is listed here to avoid misunderstandings around who's currently part of the band and who's not, and because of his contributions.

Matyi már nem szerepel a Leecher felállásában, de játszott a lemezen és emiatt szerepel az azzal kapcsolatos képeken.